This blog is where I host my trivial musings. I’m more of a listener in life. Blogging or being public doesn’t come naturally to me but I think sometimes I have something worthwhile to share. Sometimes.

I have odd ideas and plans about life. One of my idea is that you ought to work hard while you are young and able so my current plan is to work hard now but 50+, I plan to switch to managerial role and make room for the young ones to work hard. For my plan to work, I need someone younger that can take on what I do and more. I can then trust there’s going to be continuity and I can relax that work is in trusting hands. I’ll then chase my dream of being an artist as the younger ones work hard. I guess if that doesn’t end up working, I’ll just have to hope that machine learning and artificial intelligence will take over my job.

My main website is hosted here. My main website is listed as one of the impressive blogdown websites in the R Markdown: The Definite Guide but there are plenty of great ones out there.

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